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W.C. Inks

MultiChrome/Oilslick Alcohol Inks™

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Most of these sets and singles are Pre order right now. This set will now have 26 Multichrome inks. The chrome effect is insanely gorgeous. 

Trademark Pending for MultiChrome/Oilslick Alcohol Inks™

Please note: They are more on the pricey side because of how high the quality is and the colorshifts to them.

Photo credit to Janna at CustomdesignsbyJF


House of Dragons inspired:

Purple/pink/gold chrome: Stormcloud

Pink/green/gold chrome: Sunfyre 

Purple/Blue/Green chrome: Tessarion

Green/gold/blue chrome: Vermax

Light Green/Gold chrome: Rhaegal

Green/gold/pink chrome: Seasmoke

 Blue/Purple/Green chrome: DreamFyre---new and improved

Orange/Green chrome: Shrykos

Bright Green/Dark Green/Gold chrome: Moondancer---new and improved

Red/Black chrome: Balerion

Blue/Green/Purple: Silverwing

Purple/Blue/Grey: Grey Ghost

Green/Blue: Vhagar

Pink/Orange: Arrax

Dark Purple/Pink: Morning 

Teal/Blue: Quicksliver

Pink/Purple/Red: Meleys

Dark Green/Purple/Gold: Tyraxes

Pink/Gold/Green: Morghul

Green/Gold/Light Green: The Last Dragon

Dark Blue/Purple--Meraxes



Zen--burnt orange/green gold/green/dark green


Shipping & Returns

Not accepting retuns at this time. Please reach out with any issues.

Before Use:

shake well before dropping ink onto your project.